How To Improve Your Wardrobe

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Not everyone has time to devote to a full overhaul of their wardrobe, but that shouldn't be an excuse to let clothing pile up. Make some smart, quick decisions like these below to see instant results.


1. Start from the bottom. Here is a fashion insider tip that may strike you as a harsh truth: there is no such thing as lucky boxers. Begin your wardrobe overhaul where it all starts: with your underwear. If it's not in the best shape, get rid of it. There's a reason the men's underwear market is a $2 billion plus industry: there are a lot of options out there to suit your every need and desire, and therefore no need to hang onto tattered ghosts of Calvin Klein's past.


2. If you haven't worn it in a year, donate it. Unless you've just come back from your own personal journey to find yourself, Eat Pray Love-style, chances are you've experienced in the last twelve months the type of weather patterns, social events and professional commitments that are fairly typical of your life.


Therefore, if you haven't had an occasion to wear something that you've got tucked away in your closet, and it doesn't hold some tremendous sentimental value, it's probably best to let it go.


3. Invest in a good pair of shoes. Most of this advice is about downsizing, but here is one instance where you should upgrade. I won't go so far as to say that the shoes make the man, but the shoes definitely tell a lot of people - potential employers and lovers among them - a lot about the man and his self-respect.


4. Consolidate your denim. Like t-shirts, jeans tend to pile up, because many people wear them so often. But in reality, you don't need to wash them every time you wear them, and therefore don't need to have a waist-high pile of denim. Pick the pairs that fit you best, select a few different washes for versatility's sake, and dump the rest.


5. When shopping, remember the mantra "buy less, buy better." If you need to add clothing to create a well-rounded wardrobe remember this: buying only quality clothing that is built to last may cost you a bit more money (although not necessarily), but it will also save you from needing to clean out your closet again soon when your impulse purchases inevitably fall to pieces.


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